Would you like to contribute a workshop for this years Adelaide Activist Skillshare?

If so, now is the time to submit a workshop proposalRespond to the details below and send  in by 20th February to
[email protected]

Include in your workshop proposal:
  • Your contact details (email / phone etc.)
  • Name of the workshop / seminar / training session
  • An abstract for the program of what your workshop involves 
  • Capacity of your workshop (e.g. 20 participants) 
  • How long your session will run for (e.g.  45min, 1hr, 1.5hr or 2 hrs)
  • What materials you need for your workshop (e.g. data projector, markers, sheets of paper etc.)
  • Type of p space you would like to hold your workshop  in (e.g. outside / inside)
  • A photo of yourself and a short bio which will be placed on the website and in the program.

Participant registations will open early February- check back for developments.

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