Continue developing your skills after this weekend's Activist Skillshare with The Activists Handbook: A Step By Step Guide to Participatory Democracy.

We are lucky to have for sale at the Skillshare several copies of keynote speaker Aidan Ricketts' essential guide to activism for just $30.  They can also be ordered online, with postage extra.

We will also be providing each participant with a Skillshare program, being prepared for print right now! It is full of  information on facilitators, workshops, campaigns, and extra resources for activists.


Aidan Ricketts' powerful step-by-step guide draws on the his extensive experience of almost 30 years in activism and education.

Providing all essential practical tools, methods and strategies needed for a successful campaign and extensively discussing legal and ethical issues, the book empowers its readers to effectively promote their cause. Full of ready-to-use documents and case studies, it is an ultimate guide to to grassroots movements.

The Activists' Handbook contents:
  1. Activism, advocacy and the practice of democracy
  2. Building successful social movements
  3. Strategy: The art of activism
  4. Planning and mapping your campaign: practical tools and processes
  5. Media, publicity and research
  6. Public sector activism: How to change the law and influence government policy
  7. Corporate Activism
  8. Direct action, protest and your rights
  9. Digital Activism
  10. Strategic Litigation
  11. Social change and conflict resolution
  12. Empowerment and personal sustainability: Staying active and avoiding burnout

In this accessible text, Ricketts generously shares insights and wisdom he’s gained through twenty years of dedicated activism. His legal training and experience are the real strength to this manual. Too few community activists use the law to its potential and Aidan advocates creative and powerful legal strategies. ~ James Whelan, director, The Change Agency

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