Workshop Proposals for this year's Activist Skillshare are due by February 2oth. (EDIT: Extended to February 27th!)

Help teach our community the essentials of being effective change-agents over the weekend of Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th March. We are eager to involve a diversity of facilitators and invite you to contribute your area of expertise. The program still has space for engaging, interesting, exciting and inspiring training sessions-  so submit your applications now!

Topic areas will include: developing campaigns, strategic thinking, NVDA theory and practical, community organising, activist rights, narrative training, media engagement, digital activism, creative activism and sustainable activism, amongst others.

This skillshare will be a structured learning program, with range of seminars for participants to choose from and attend. This way we will guarantee that participants walk away with the essential tool kit. There will be 2 tiers of learning levels, introductory and intermediate. The program which is currently being developed is flexible for inclusions of other suggested training elements and there will be an afternoon for free-form workshops to evolve.

Being a not-for-profit camp with the aim to just break-even, the reward will be sharing your knowledge with others and knowing you have helped grow our community. Facilitators will be supplied meals and are more than welcome to stay at the venue, and we can arrange transportation costs if required.

  To register your workshop by February 20th, please submit workshop proposals or contact [email protected] for more information.

The 2013 skillshare is developing well. A working group has formed and is organising all the logistics to ensure this year's event is one of the best yet. 

Participant registations will open later this month, and there are only a few days left to submit workshop proposals.  So far we have seen receiving some incredible workshop ideas. We will be releasing the program in early March.

The Flinders University Wilderness Club is keen to run  morning and evening snorkeling adventures into the Aldinga Reef Marine Sanctuary, which is a short walk from the camp venue.  

                                                                                       Greenpeace Australia is the latest organisation to give their support as a sponsor for the Activist Skillshare.  This means Greenpeace members and volunteers are entitled to a reduced registration fee, as well as ASEN and TWS members and volunteers.

Would you like to contribute a workshop for this years Adelaide Activist Skillshare?

If so, now is the time to submit a workshop proposalRespond to the details below and send  in by 20th February to
[email protected]

Include in your workshop proposal:
  • Your contact details (email / phone etc.)
  • Name of the workshop / seminar / training session
  • An abstract for the program of what your workshop involves 
  • Capacity of your workshop (e.g. 20 participants) 
  • How long your session will run for (e.g.  45min, 1hr, 1.5hr or 2 hrs)
  • What materials you need for your workshop (e.g. data projector, markers, sheets of paper etc.)
  • Type of p space you would like to hold your workshop  in (e.g. outside / inside)
  • A photo of yourself and a short bio which will be placed on the website and in the program.

Participant registations will open early February- check back for developments.

We are in the process of pulling together the workshop program for this year's skill-share.  Workshop application need to be submitted by Wednesday 27th July.

To contribute a workshop
e-mail your application to: [email protected]

Please include in your workshop proposal e-mail.
  •  Your contact details (e-mail / phone etc)
  • Name of the workshop / seminar / training session
  • An overview of the what your workshop involves
  • How long you would like the workshop to run - (EG 30mins, 45mins, 1 hr, 1.5hr or 2 hrs).
  • Ideal capacity of your workshop (eg: 20, 40, participants)
  • the desired facility space you would like to hold your workshop in (eg outside / inside)
  • What facilities you need in order to run the workshop (eg: data projector, paper, textures etc).
  • A photo of yourself and a short bio which will be placed on the website.

We will be developing a workbook/program guide for the skill-share, so please think consider developing a worksheet to complement  interactive learning from your workshop.

We cannot guarantee all workshop proposals will be successful, however, we will endeavor to accommodate people who put forward a workshop proposal.

Workshop applicants will be notified by 1st August whether they have been successful.

There will also be a number of openspace sessions available during the skill-share.

See: http://adelaideskillshare.weebly.com/workshop-registration.html

Activist Skill-share